With a prominent commercial and business distinctiveness; “STITCH & TEX” is a superior unique massive trade happening displaying forward-looking technologies, industrial applications; products, services and solutions provided by the world’s key textiles technology makers to serve the enthusiastic marketplaces of Egypt and its well-off neighboring states.

“STITCH & TEX” is indeed the most spectacular industrial trading platform boosting tremendous opportu-nities to speed up the trade connections among local, regional and international fraternities of the textile industries; shedding the light on new frontlines for hi-tech machineries, solutions and innovations.

“STITCH & TEX” will uncover the most modernized technological novelties within the textile machinery
sector; opening new perspectives to quality buyers’ visitor target groups from 12 countries to explore state-of-the-art know-hows, cross-industry innovations and effective industrial solutions.


Egypt represents a vast market with 100 Millions + consumers ; moving ahead with its 2025 strat-egy to quadruple textile exports, employ a further 1 million people, and attract U$$17.5B in investment,

Egypt is planning to build the largest textile factory in the world with total cost of U$$ 48.9 M. The new plant is set to be the world’s largest spinning factory is located on an area of 62500 square metres accommodating more than 182 thousand spinners

Egypt imports of textile machinery is rising at a pace of 13% annually.

تمثل مصر سوقا واسعة مع 100 مليون + مستهلك . المضي قدما في استراتيجيتها لعام 2025 لزيادة صادرات المنسوجات أربع مرات ، وتوظيف مليون شخص آخر ، وجذب 17.5 مليار دولار أمريكي من الاستثمارات ،

تخطط مصر لبناء أكبر مصنع للنسيج في العالم بتكلفة إجمالية تبلغ 780 مليون جنيه مصري (48.9 مليون دولار). ومن المقرر أن يكون المصنع الجديد أكبر مصنع للغزل في العالم ويقع على مساحة 62500 متر مربع يستوعب أكثر من 182 ألف مغازل

ترتفع واردات مصر من ماكينات الغزل والنسيج بوتيرة 13٪ سنويا.


  • Dyeing Machinery
  • Bleaching Machinery
  • Carding Machinery
  • Ironing & pressing Machinery
  • Spinning Machinery
  • Weaving Machinery
  • Circular Knitting Machinery
  • Flat Knitting Machinery
  • Yarn Gassing Machinery
  • Mills
  • Laser Cutting Machines


  • Industrial Oils
  • Chemicals
  • CAD/CAM Systems
  • Dye Stuffs
  • Others


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• الاخرين

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  • Textile Manufacturing Work-shops
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  • Textile Machinery Trade Association
  • Sourcing Team Members

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